Monday, 9 March 2009

The Usual Suspects (or Chicken Run?)

Looking out of the kitchen window this morning, this rather wonderful line-up was just a metre or so away from me.

Hoping they would stay there long enough, I ran to grab the camera and shot this just before they flapped their wings and jumped to the floor in rather ungainly fashion.

Reminded me of The Usual Suspects. Either that or Chicken Run.

Left to right: Eggels, Henin and Marx. The most revolutionary hens this side of Havana.

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Jennifer said...

I love that you named your chickens too!! I had a name for all of ours growing up, my father didn't think that was too healthy for me to do!
Great picture, makes me think of Chicken Run!

Alicia Foodycat said...

They seem very suspicious of you, Alex!

Just Cook It said...

Jennifer - I've been told that if you are planning on eating any animals you have then it is best no to name them. These are more like pets and, as such, won't end up in the pot. Hence the names, I suppose!

Fooycat - Understandable, I suppose. I do pinch their eggs every morning.