Monday, 30 March 2009

Interfering Kittens

I am without the entire middle line of my keyboard.

Not right now, obviously. I am on a different 'puter. But my aged iMac continues to skirt dangerously close to utter breakage.

I came home last week and the familiar shimmer of liquid was evident on the desk. Damn. Not only that but the keyboard was nothing short of damp. Damner.

'Quick, turn it off and get it onto the radiator,' said my techno-guru (The GF). 'The same thing happened to me at work and I managed to fix it that way.'

No such luck.

I tried taking off all the keys and laying them neatly on the desk. In order. Perhaps unsurprisingly they didn't stay in order very long thanks to inquisitive kitten paws.

I am unaware of any cat prey that looks like an Apple key but perhaps I've just never seen the fabled MacBird.

Anyway. Aside from not having the use of any of the following letters - a s d f g h j k l - Jed seems to have run off with my F5 and 'Shift' keys and hidden them somewhere for later consumption. I quite enjoyed using capital letters.

Major annoyance.

Anyway. Much to come when I get a new keyboard: Two N3T posts, something about 'mother-dough', something about cooking in the kitchen of the future and a whole host of other delights.

Right now I'm off to score some kidneys - a request from Laura over at Tiramisu. I knew it would happen eventually but I was trying to put them off for as long as possible because they make me pull a face like this:

They are my own personal 'heart of darkness'.


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Alicia Foodycat said...

You can do without capital letters. But bad kitties!

saltychickenfiend said...

Your kittens sound hilarious. That photo of you is equally hilarious. Good luck with the kidneys! *blech*

Laura said...

HA! I didn't realize you would take the bait, I should be careful of what I suggest next.

Maybe I should do it indirectly...

Angry Brit said...

MacBird. LOL. My cat steals earrings, so you have my condolences. :)

Rebecca said...

Ah, yes, the familiar kitty vs computer problem. Mine gets rather jealous of the warm humming machine that occupies so much of my time. He manages to time his sitting-on-keyboard interventions very strategically so as to cause as much disruption to work and word documents as possible.

I feel your pain (and that goes for the kidneys too).

Just Cook It said...

Foodycat - you know, I'm not sure I can being the grammatical pedant that I am...

SCF - Thank you! They are most amusing/annoying.

Laura - Please do be careful because with great power comes great responsibility.

AngryBrit - I'd imagine that that, too, gets annoying after about 8 seconds.

Rebecca - Thanks for the sympathy.