Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Tail Tale - An epilogue

THE GIRLFRIEND ‘I liked your post today, it was funny.’
ME ‘Thanks hon.’
GF: ‘The photos turned out pretty good as well.’
ME: ‘Thank you.’
GF: ‘It looked surprisingly appetising.’
ME: ‘It did, didn’t it?’
GF: ‘But there’s one you missed out?’
ME: ‘One what?’
GF: ‘Photo.’
ME: ‘Which one?’
GF: ‘You know that one.’
ME: ‘Which?’
GF: ‘That one.’
ME: ‘Not helping.’
GF: ‘That one of you and the tail.’
ME: ‘Ah. Yes. That one.’
GF: ‘You should post that one up.’
ME: ‘Erm, I don’t think so.’
GF: ‘You should!’
ME: ‘But I look kind of, I don’t know, I look a bit…’
GF: ‘Yes, but it’s funny.’
ME: ‘Not for me it isn’t.’
GF: ‘Yes but for me, and hopefully everyone else who reads your blog.’
ME: ‘I’m not so sure.’
GF: ‘Pleeeeeeease?’
ME: ‘Maybe.’
GF: ‘Go on.’
ME: ‘But it would instantly strip away the veneer of manly bravado that I’ve carefully crafted over the last 12 months.’
GF: (Badly stifled laughter) ‘Oh, I don’t think you need to worry about that,’ (more badly stifled laughter)

I gave in. Obviously. Something about oatcakes to follow later but in the mean time here you go:

See what I mean about Alien? *shudder*


Anonymous said...

*snigger* You look totally manly! Really! *snigger* Those aliens don't stand a chance, dude. But seriously, you're braver than me. I'm a girl and naturally more manly than the men in my life, but I couldn't do tail.

dp said...

I like your girlfriend. She's clearly quite clever if she was able to con you into posting this picture.
All us women are having a laugh.

BTW, as far as I'm concerned you may keep any tails (and ears).

Just Cook It said...

Thanks Angry Brit, although for some reason I'm not totally convinced by your assertion.

DP - Glad it provided some amusement. To be honest, I don't think they'll be gracing the table often.