Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A Happy Omelette

I was feeling slightly rough this morning. Perhaps something to do with too much Guinness and some bizarre shooters containing (I think) Amaretto and Baileys.

Tea and marmite on toast provided temporary relief. Likewise for a shower and a shot of espresso. But both were short lived and for a while I thought bed was the only way to go.

In a final effort to fight off the ill, I thought that something vaguely greasy, eggy and fried might do the trick. Remembering there was still some pork cheek leftover as well as a small finger of cheddar, an omelette seemed the logical conclusion.

It’s not often eggs come with surprise messages from one's girlfriend (or boyfriend) but today mine did:

And that, more than anything else, made me feel better.

Mind you, the omelette helped, as well.


Laura in Paris said...

Simple, easy, tasty .. what else do we need?

Laura in Paris said...

I can't believe you make your own rye bread! Congratulations!
I also love the picture of the two young red angles (or little devils?) on the right!

Jennifer said...

What a SWEET woman you have! :) :) Incredible idea for the omelet!

Hopie said...

I like the new blog look! The romantic typewriter thing works great :-) Goes so well with the romantic eggs message -- Ah, foodie love.

Anonymous said...

Fast food at it's best. Omelettes are infinitely useful and have saved the day on many ocassions upon opening the fridge and staring blankly into it with no idea what to cook.

My wife cooks a mean omelette, an omelette that a Frenchman would be proud of, as she reminds me every time she cooks one for me.

Great to see you've got that egg and pork thing going there too. Classic combinations.

Anonymous said...

I have never quite understood the need for something greasy when feeling sick, that just aint for me!! Talk about a great omelette though!!!

Alicia Foodycat said...

That's really sweet! And what a fantastic looking omelette!

Just Cook It said...

A world in a pan - Couldn't agree more

Jennifer - I know, it did make me smile from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes.

Hopie - Thank you! Is there any sweeter love than foodie love? I think not.

them apples - you're so right. It's only now we have surplus eggs that I'm starting to realise just how useful and infinitely customisable omelettes are.

matt - it's do or die with me when hangovers are concerned, sometimes the fried stuff is the only thing that will make me feel better, other times the very prospect is too much. Great omelette though, yes. Thank you

Thanks Foodycat.