Monday, 1 September 2008

A few little changes and updates

As you might have noticed, I’ve made a few minor changes to the blog. The tomatoes, such an evocative sign of summer, have been removed from the banner and replaced by something distinctly more Autumnal: mushrooms.

I’ve also tried to make it easier to subscribe to the blog by adding a couple of buttons, just to the right of this paragraph. If you’d like to be informed of a new culinary musing within seconds of it being added to the website then these marvellous, clickable little buttons will enable you to enjoy that privilege. I hope that it will bring an end to the crushing disappointment of trekking through vast swathes of the arid wasteland of the Internet to my own little corner only to find that there is nothing new to read.

Voting has now opened for the Blogger’s Choice Awards 2008 so if you feel that these lovingly crafted tales are worthy of your vote then please click here or on the delightful little button on my sidebar – the one that says ‘This site was nominated for best food blog’ – to register your opinion. It would be greatly appreciated and I am sure that some reciprocal arrangement can be organised.

I have huge amounts to write about, all of which should be up and ready for you, dear reader, to cast your critical eye over within the next three or four days but in the mean time here is a little amuse bouche, a mere snack, and a tiny taster to whet your appetite.

A postponed Friday Nibbles piece on another essential ingredient that no self-respecting gourmet can possibly survive without (it’s a pulse this time).

A much requested recipe for the breakfast muffins that I wrote about last week.

Tales of preservation including homemade chutney, sloe vodka, elderberry jelly and blackberry wine.

Finally, thank you all for you wonderful comments. It is fantastic to hear from you. According to my stats page I have regular readers from all over the world including all fifty of the United States of America, throughout the Far East, in South America, Russia, China, Australia, the Middle East and South Africa, to name just a few. All this just proves what a wonderfully global and universal language food is. Hello to each and every one of you and thanks for dropping by.

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Alicia Foodycat said...

I am trying to vote for you but the site is being a bitch and not registering me.