Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Desert Island Foods

I’ve been slightly overwhelmed, and delighted, with the response to ‘Friday Nibbles’. Thanks to everyone who has commented, emailed or responded in some way. It’s definitely a keeper.

But all this thinking of store cupboard essentials turned my mind to the absolute essentials, those items that I couldn’t possibly live without. What five items would I pack if I knew I was destined to spend an indefinite amount of time stranded on a tropical island?

Along with the ‘Last Supper Game’, this is a favourite amongst the cheffing fraternity. Why? Because it is sublime in its simplicity. It’s a game that provokes intense thought as well as healthy debate: ‘You’d waste a whole item on caviar? You’re crazy! At least Pork chops will fill me up!’

It’s a game that offers an enlightening glimpse into the soul of every foodie and one that allows each person to put forward their case and then change their mind a number of times before settling on their own definitive list. It’s a game that causes defensive muscles to flex and warm feelings to wash over you when you think of all those great ingredients that you cherish. And all those that must fall by the wayside.

So, I thought I’d kick things off. These are the rules:

You can take five items and are allowed one sentence in which to justify your decision. Please feel free to play along and link back here if you are feeling generous. If you wish to tag any fellow bloggers, then tag away with wanton abandon. The more the merrier.

You are on a desert island so assume a plentiful supply of exotic fish, coconuts and sea salt. Ignore any issues regarding storage issues. There happens to be a very large solar powered refrigerator washed up on the shore as well. But what five items would you have brought with you?

1. A large, heavily pregnant pig. Ah, the pig – true nose to tail eating and the most versatile, not to mention tasty, animal in existence.
2. Potatoes. Boiled, roasted, mashed, fried, chipped, crisped, baked, gratinated: the list of filling starchy goodness goes on, and on, and on.
3. Chickpeas. Of all the leguminous vegetable, these are the ones that I think I would pack – they are filling, completely tasty and incredibly versatile
4. Garlic. Pure and simple, as a flavouring garlic is the very best: French, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Indian, South American, Asian – with garlic, all could be on the menu
5. As a luxury item I think I would take an enormous pot of goose fat. Hey, if I’m living alone on a desert island I want some small concession to the good life and this would be it.

Game on…


Alicia Foodycat said...

Rice - I get sick of most starches before I get sick of rice

A sack of dried chillies - for when I do get tired of plain rice

Garlic - I need garlic, without doubt

Case of tonic water - get my quinine somehow

A supply of limes - to prevent scurvy and to ceviche my fish if it takes me a while to figure out fire

Hopie said...

I guess with all that garlic seasoning, you won't get any vampire attacks on the island! I totally agree about potatoes. They're so versatile and warming when it's cold out!

Just Cook It said...

foodycat - nice list. Practical and tasty

hopie - Good point, an added bonus!

dp said...

Oh, fun!

1. Fish sauce. Couldn't be bothered to make it myself even with an unlimited supply of fish and sea salt.

2. Rice. I'd go into shock if I went more than a couple of days without it.

3. Limes. It goes perfect with fish.

4. Cilantro. My favorite fresh herb.

5. Garlic. It was a toss-up between garlic and chili and this one won.

This is fun!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful game! I haven't done anything like this since my third grade teacher gave us a list of thirty things and sent us to the moon. :)

I'm going with Rice, Chillies, Limes (on a tree), Garlic and Amaranth seedlings.

I figure I need my greens, and with a list this short, the one type I have room for should be healthy.

(But I'm smuggling some live peanuts in as well!!!)

Sam said...

Pasta: Versatile, delicious and quick to cook.

Tomatoes: To make pasta sauce, salads or eat on there own.

Bacon: Delicious and perks up so many meals.

Flour: Just so useful for bread etc

Coffee: I couldn't cope without coffee!

Hopie said...

I finally got around to putting my choices on my blog last week with a link back to this post :-)