Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Candid Food - New Blog

After flirting with photography for this site for the last few months, I’ve decided to launch my first photography project called ‘Candid Food’.

Candid Food takes a tongue in cheek look at the highly stylised world of food photography. In this alternate reality, various food items are re-imagined as scandal-icious models, actors, actresses, reality TV stars and all round celebrities. The site exposes the seedy underbelly of this apparently glamorous world by publishing all the pictures that they don’t want you to see.

No sexy lighting, no food stylists, no Adobe Photoshop. Just candid shots exposing the depravity and real side of life as a food model.

All the subjects are real. All the shots are genuine. Prepare to be shocked.



Cheeky Spouse said...

Sounds veeeeeeeerrrrrry interesting, and fun.
I'm going over there now!

Nitima Sood said...

Interesting post

Check my blog at

Hopie said...

I love the new concept! Very daring of you to expose the truth like that. Hope you're not too worried about censorship. I gave you an award over on my website if you'd like to check it out (in the English version of my latest post) :-)

Just Cook It said...

Thanks guys, hope you like it.