Thursday, 2 April 2009

In mourning [and the most awesome vending machine ever]

Apparently my mother dough has died.

I've not been able to verify this fact due to being 150 miles away but according to the GF it has taken on the appearance of paint and the smell of something rotten.

'I think I've killed your sourdough,' she said.

I tried to stop the disappointment registering in my voice but am unsure as to the extent of my success.

'That's, erm OK,' I replied blearily this morning. 'I'll just make another one and then nurture it for weeks.'

Which, in a way is good, because it means I can write about it in real time. As it happens. Stir for Stir, bubble for bubble.

Sympathy is both accepted and encouraged either here or via Twitter. I shall now go and don a black cape and a look of sadness.

Also this - A street vending machine that makes pizza. Cool.


Jen (Modern Beet) said...

sorry to hear that...
but also not:) since I look forward to following along! I've read directions to create sourdough starter a couple of times, but never followed through. Hopefully you'll demystify it a bit!

rich (them apples) said...

I feel your pain.

I've lost several starters this way. I start off with good intentions, nurture the starter for weeks and weeks, watch every bubble pop, make a decent loaf or two and gradually forget to feed it and it slowly dies a grey, watery, slightly smelly death.

Eventually, I get a firm squeeze on the arm and an intent and earnest glare from my wife.

"It's time to chuck it away. It scares the kids."

Heidi / Savory Tv said...

I am so sorry for your loss ;) Looking forward to more of your culinary adventures!

Sam said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Whenever I've tried making a starter it's died almost straight away, now I've given up!

Angry Brit said...

Aw. Sorry, Alex. But at least we get coverage of its future sibling. RIP.

Heather said...

I feel your pain too. Whenever I go out of town for work, another plant in the garden dies because my husband just doesn't know the signs that something is wrong.

So sad, Alex. But there will be other starters, so don't fret.

Just Cook It said...

Thanks to all of you who voiced sympathy. This week WILL see a post on the actual dough