Thursday, 4 March 2010

(Almost) Instant Sponge Pudding

Meals don’t feel complete without at least a morsel of sweetness to round them off. Most of the time a square of dark chocolate or scoop of ice cream is enough to satisfy but sometimes the cravings require something with a bit more substance.

Inevitably these desires are strongest when the cupboards and freezer are bereft of anything sugar based. Yes, one could turn to the fruit bowl but a pear or apple isn’t fun – it has no air of decadence or whiff of naughtiness and thus little ability to satisfy.

It was this combination of empty shelves and niggling desire for sweetness that led to the creation of insta-pud: a hearty late winter warmer that expanded the stomach, delighted the senses and induced a state of near comatose happiness soon after finishing the last mouthful.

As far as sponge puddings go, it won’t win any awards. It certainly doesn’t have the artery clogging density of a steamed suet based effort or the deft lightness of a well worked cake. But what it lacks in technique, it more than makes up for in brevity.

From raw ingredients to finished product it takes no more than five measly minutes. Just enough time to whip up some Bird’s custard, in fact. Perhaps not quite instant in the truest sense of the word but, hey, it’s all relative.

Microwaved Jam Sponge Pudding

Of course you could replicate this with countless other flavours – golden syrup, lemon, ginger, chocolate – but for a little whiff of summer, raspberries take some beating.

Size wise, this is easily large enough for two. Unless you’re feeling particularly greedy.

50g butter
50g self raising flour
50g caster sugar
1 egg, beaten
Some jam (only you know how much jam you like. For me it has to run down the sides like rivers of scorching lava)

Use a spoon to mix the butter and sugar together. Add the flour then the beaten egg. Stir to combine. Spoon the jam into the bottom of a microwavable container then pour the sponge mixture over the top. Microwave on medium power for 3-4 minutes until the top of the sponge is set in the middle. Go easy, if you do it too long you’ll end up with something that bounces.

Serve with custard and an episode of Arrested Development then lapse into a carb induced coma.

On the subject of cake, you should watch this – a neat little short that documents the British love affair with afternoon tea. Suggestions and recipes for favourite cakes are encouraged, especially if they can be made in an advert break.

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W said...

The fruit is not right, it's more like a paste. Adorable video.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Oh how gorgeous! What a great idea - I never think to cook cakes or anything in the microwave.

Ria said...

Love that short you posted! And that sponge cake looks so beautiful and delicious!

Dawn (KitchenTravels) said...

Found you for the first time today via TasteSpotting, and I'm really enjoying poking around your blog. Really nice writing and photos. I am intrigued by this pudding, since it looks so much better than the micro-chocolate-cake recipes that are floating around the 'net.

Loved your durian post - genius!

Stella said...

Hi Alex. This looks like the type of sweet I would love. Anything that looks this good and only takes 5 min. to make is welcome in my kitchen.

Anonymous said...

this looks delicious...yumm

Just Cook It said...

Whitney - It's great isn't it? Good at encouraging smiles!

Foodycat - Well worth trying and better than anything that comes in a tin

TD - thank you

Dawn - Thanks, glad you like it. I'd forgotten all about the durian post. Wonderful stuff

Stella - Let me know how you get on.

Thanks, littledaisyworld

Anonymous said...

This sounds so simple to make and absolutely delicious! YUM!

Tiago Lopes said...

great blog congratulations........

Just Cook It said...

Thanks very much, Megan. You're right. It is so very easy.

Thanks Tiago - great shot with Ferran there.

MEC said...

Hey Alex! This sounds like the perfect recipe for after my exam on Monday :) Best of luck on Masterchef- your food always looks amazing xx

Bev said...

trying this for tea tonight wish me luck