Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Quick updates and brand new feature

I'm spending the day with a butcher today so not much time to write about anything.

But, plenty to come in the next few days:

1. Part Two of the pork scratchings recipe to come tomorrow, I promise (there's still time if you want to play along)

2. Thoughts and reflections on food writing - what do you think makes a good food writer? What do you hope for when you pick up a book about food? What makes a bad food writer?

3. Last Suppers - What would your last supper be? What would you eat? Who would cook it for you? Who would you share it with? For some inspiration, click here (Charlie Rose interview with four top chefs)

4. And a brand new feature that is provisionally titled 'Nose To Tail Tuesday' (I can just hear my girlfriend sighing at this point - we haven't discussed this yet). Official launch will be next Tuesday but I'll happily entertain ideas from you good people.

The premise? The 'Nose To Tail' philosophy is both economically and ethically preferable but many people are squeamish about the parts of the animal 'beyond the fillet.' Each week will see me cooking and eating a specific part of an animal. Then reporting back. Wish me luck.

Suggestions welcome. Essential in fact. Click here to get in touch.

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Alicia Foodycat said...

POrk scratchings? Yay!

Hopie said...

I think you mean wish your GIRLFRIEND good luck! Tell her I said so :-)

Very excited for the upcoming posts!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* ;)

Just Cook It said...

Foodycat - They're on their way

Hopie - Yes, fair enough (see below)

AG - Actually made me giggle. Apologies. But think of the things I've introduced you to - pork belly, steak, venison, durian... x

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the book My Last Supper. It's a wonderful book of what famous chef's would have as their last suppers...

Anonymous said...

1.LOVE pork scratchings
2. Honesty, and a complete respect for ingredients.
3. Mussels marinaire, then a roast chicken.
4. Brilliant idea. LOVE IT. will be back for sure to check it out.

Just Cook It said...

Gastroanthropologist - Yes, I have, great book. Was the main inspiration for this post!

Matt - Thanks, excellent points well made. Getting excited about the NTTT project now (Nose to Tail Tuesday).