Friday, 20 February 2009

A Brief Interlude

Late last night we discovered that one of the kittens had very kindly peed on our bed. Thanks for that.

A swift Google search confirmed that distilled vinegar is the key to removing the eye-watering pong of cat piss, so early this morning I pootled off to the supermarket to pick some up.

Whilst there I thought I'd take the opportunity to buy some booze to have with tonight’s curry. A bottle of cider, sir? Don’t mind if I do.

Never have I been given such a look as when, at nine thirty this morning, I placed a litre of distilled vinegar and three litres of scrumpy on the conveyor.

Could I have made this worse? Naturally.

Instead of saying ‘Good morning, kind lady, what clement weather we are having for this time of year,’ I came out with ‘Yeah, this might look a bit weird at half nine but apparently this stuff is really good for getting rid of the smell of cat wee.’

She tried to smile, she really did, but there was little she could do to hide the look of part pity, part disdain on her face.


Anonymous said...

LOL but at least you didn't put a packet of condoms or similar item on the conveyor belt as well!

Just Cook It said...

True, it could have been worse!