Thursday, 14 August 2008


I've been posting fairly regularly over at my new (non food related) blog. These have included, amongst other musings, writings on the US election, Russian dissidents, dead American comics and memory.

Feel free to scoot on over and say hello. It would be just lovely.




Anonymous said...

Haha... oh I hear you. I can't figure out this obsession with the royal family in Thailand. Before the Queens's birthday every Thai Web site you went on had her picture and a tribute before you could get to the main page. They are everywhere! Looking forward to going out on a Monday morning soon to see the commuters stop in their tracks for the national anthem at 8 am. Should make for a good video! Thanks for the visits and the comments Alex! Keep 'em coming :)



Heather said...

Just to be extra nice, I shall leave a comment here to say hello, and wax nostalgic for Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes over at your other joint.

Just Cook It said...

Thanks guys, much appreciated.