Friday, 8 January 2010

Leftover Panettone

Looked at objectively, panettone, a yeast-risen bready cake enriched with butter, egg yolks, sugar and dried fruit, is not a health food. But up against our own Christmas pud, the Italian festive offering looks like a lo-calorie Weightwatchers special.

Having said that, the sheer size of these vast, billowing, pillow like cakes does mean that there is inevitably some still floating around this side of Epiphany.

There are a number of recipes that advocate using it in place of sliced white when making a bread and butter pudding. Admittedly this does sound delicious albeit a little, shall we say, involved? Time-consuming? Elaborate?

A far better option is to dip it into an egg and sugar mix, fry it in some nicely foaming butter then finish it off with a light dusting of cinnamon. And more sugar. And maybe a little whipped cream. Health food no longer.


scandilicious said...

Leftover panettone? Is there such a thing? Great post Alex, I do love the traditional billowing eggy + yeasty confection (let's not call it bread, it's too sumptuous to be mere bread) and frying it in a French Toastish kind of manner is indeed a perfect way to use up leftover panettone. A dusting of cinnamon is essential :-)

Sylvie said...

Healthfood, schmelsfood! What a yummy way to start the day!

Hopie said...

Oooh we had some pannettonne that a friend brought from Italy for New Years! It was so yummy - but we didn't leave any leftovers :-(

Anthony Silverbrow said...

@scandilicious took the words out of my comment. Left panettone doesn't exist.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Now what you need to do is add some sherry to your soaking mixture, and drop it in a syrup when it's cooked - just to really remove any health benefits! This looks very delicious though, Alex!

Caput Mundi Cibus said...

Great blog Alex!
Just found it and I´m really happy about it! Nice to see a UK-blog for a change. Gonna spend some time around here and read a bit!

Keep up the good work!

/ john

Just Cook It said...

Scandilicious - Thank you. It takes some serious commitment for just two people to power through a whole panettone, especially in January, a month plagued by good intentions!

Sylvie - Possibly the best I can think of.

Hopie - It seems I'm the only one that ends up with any spare!

Anthony - See above. I feel like I'm fighting a lone battle here.

Foodycat - That is one seriously top tip. Good job I've still got some panettone left.

Thanks very much, John. Glad you like it.