Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A little kitchen mishap

Today was the day I was (finally) due to make the Christmas cake. I laid out an measured all the ingredients - flour, butter, sugar, booze and a kilo of dried fruit that needed chopping.

The radio was on, the kitchen was warm and I was feeling thoroughly festive, ready to fill the house with the delicious smells of a slow baking fruit cake, dense and delicious.

And then I lost concentration, for just a second, and managed to have a little accident with a large knife. As a result I am zoned out on the strongest painkillers it is possible to swallow, in a significant amount of pain and under strict instructions from the nurse not to do any typing or cooking AT ALL for 48 hours.

To say that this has put a spanner in the works would be something of an understatement but my ability to think and come up with a witty metaphor has been shot thanks to a wonderful cocktail of pills and the inability to use one hand.

In short I'm fine. My hand hurts like nothing I've ever experienced before ('There's a reason torturers concentrate on finger nails' said the doctor. I can now see why) but everything is OK and I shall live to cook an write another day. Maybe no tomorrow but probably the day after.

Messages of sympathy are positively encouraged.

Oh, and I now have a twitter account which is more likely to be updated whilst I lie here in agony catching up on a few movies I've been meaning to watch.

Simply go to www.twitter.com/justcookit for more culinary fun in just 140 characters


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the finger, hope that the pain killers continue to work their wonders!

Am adding you on Twitter (Wazzat)

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! I hope it's worth it. Enjoy the movies and the free drugs :)

Alicia Foodycat said...

Ouch! Hope it feels better soon (and hope you didn't get blood in the cake mix).

dp said...

It happens to the everyone at least once. Me, more times than I care to admit. Once even with a cocktail shaker that semi-exploded mid shake. That was bad.

Now you have battle scars to brag about ;-)

Here's to a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that must sting! Feel better soon, and in the meantime, enjoy some rest.

Hopie said...

Well since I've been so positively encouraged, I send you lots of sympathy and two or three "poor you"s as well ;-) But seriously, that sucks. I hope it heals fast!

Cheeky Spouse said...

It's difficult to spell the sound one makes when you suck air in through your teeth, but I'm doing right now.
God it must really hurt! I hope you heal soon.
The kitchen surely is the most dangerous place to be in.

By the way I'm finding your listening habits interesting. Looks like we share some musical tastes.

muddywaters said...

I try to cut off my finger about once a month. My hands are scarred from knife cuts.

I hope you recover soon.

QGIRL said...

Sounds horrible, and frightening. You poor thing. thank god you didn't post any photos (my lame attempt to make you laugh).
Sending well wishes and hoping that you are fully recovered soon. At least they gave you pain killers!

Just Cook It said...

Kadeeae - thanks and hope you enjoy the tweets

saltychickenfiend - thanks! movie was great, free drugs were better :0)

Foodycat - I promise there was no blood in the cake.

dp - I guess it's an occupational hazard. Thank you!

lisa - yeah a little, but it's OK now. Rest was good in the mean time though.

Thanks Hopie, much appreciated

Cheeky Spouse - I know exactly the nise you mean, good description. Just putting together a top ten albums of the year at the moment, soon to be posted.

Thank you muddywaters, it's quite cool having the scars though isn't it?

Qgirl - lol, no, no photos of this one. Thanks!