Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Cherry Tree and Fresh Bread

In the front garden, within good sight of the desk where I work, is an ornamental cherry tree. Due to the fact that it is of a non-edible variety and its leaves litter the lawn in vast brown swathes, its days are numbered. Soon it will make way for another vegetable patch.

But while gazing out of the window this afternoon I noticed the sun shining through the only leaf left on the naked, angular branches. It looked great so I thought I’d take a picture.

Also, the loaf is ready. Real life still life.


Marie said...

love reading your blog, it's very inspiring, thanks

Laura in Paris said...

I admire people who bake bread. Your loaf looks beautiful!

bee said...

is that a chokecherry? the birds love the berries.

Ash said...

Hi Alex, thanks for the comment as well!
Your bread looks fantastic! Fresh bread is always a fav! Can't beat the smell either.

I know those lamingtons are so good. I love how easy they are to make, just a little messy though.

I'm about 45 minutes east of Toronto. I actually just came back from a Food and wine show in Toronto.... very good! Where in the UK do you live?

Just Cook It said...

Marie - thank you very much

Thanks world in a pan, it tasted pretty good too

bee - I think it is, certainly not suitable for human consumption

Ash - Thank you, I know the smell of baking bread is almost unbeatable.