Monday, 9 June 2008

A gaggle of googlys

It would seem that occasionally the bowler of life feels that it is necessary to send an unpredictable shower of googlys down one's crease just to keep you on your toes (for those of you who do not understand a word of that think of a bowler as a pitcher and a googly as a curveball). Whilst unpleasant, it certainly makes everything a little more interesting. frustrating, but interesting.

My own googly (such a great word to say, two delicious syllables the second of which is an unexpected sound that races out of the mouth after the unctuous first half of the word, almost onomatopoeic. Googly.) arrived full pelt at me last week when my poor iMac finally died after spluttering, coughing and wheezing its way through the last couple of months. It was one of those things that skirted onto the 'to-do' list but was quickly replaced by the unceasing list of domestic tasks that consistently usurped it in importance. Fix computer. No, mow lawn. Fix computer. No, mend the boiler so we can shower. Fix computer. Nope, buy new pane of glass for window that I broke when trying to open it with my shoulder. Fix computer. No, alphabetise book shelf. You get the idea. Anyway, last week it finally breathed its final breath and resolutely refused to turn on, hence the lack of posting and other web based activity.

After having the illogic board and mothership dongle replaced six months ago, it needs to undergo surgery again apparently to put in a new mega quaver or hyper wibble processor. Or something. So, in the mean time my girlfriend's laptop is providing adequate means of getting opnline but I have no access to my precious photos or documents or Photoshop or music or anything that enables me to craft my usual musings or engage in other electronic frivolity.

Normal service will be resumed forthwith. Assuming the frogget drive path can be fixed, of course. In the mean time, have a go at this, it's great.

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Cheeky Spouse said...

Ha Ha! Great link. I've had lots of fun with it!
If only I had it when I was trying to choose a name for my musical venture. Who knows, it might come in useful for future album names!